Certyfikat ISO 9001

You have the certainty of quality that your customers will notice

Why is quality important?
As the old Polish proverb says, fine feathers make fine birds. This statement is valid also in the case of packaging, as it is your business card. Did you know that 30% of buyers use advertising bags repeatedly? That means that after purchase the packaging on your product may be immediately used for other purposes. That is why it is important that it looks perfect during repeated use. High quality is the added value that will pay back in the form of additional advertising and new customers.

Your company will gain a stronger image

Custom packaging solutions for brand enhancement.
When the package elicits positive emotions, its content will be better evaluated. Users expect that the advertising bag will convey information about what is inside. They simply want to boast that they have just made an expensive purchase. So using economical packaging for a luxury product can expose the customer to unnecessary disappointment. The first impression that is made during a product presentation remains for a long time. Therefore it is best to skillfully adapt the package design to the value of the product. In case of the most luxurious shopping it is considered that 10% of the product’s value should be intended for packaging.

We can expertly advise and design.

Meet our studio.
We create our own projects, make special visualizations and new cuts on special demand. A dedicated sales person provides assistant with each project at every stage of Our Process – from planning to completion. We put special emphasis on the right choice of details so that the final product is unique and tailor-made.

We are trustworthy.

We guarantee delivery.
Our priority is to ensure that all orders are completed and transported to the specified addresses in the declared time.